Sunday, June 8, 2014

Saying goodbye to your dog

We've lost our dog Zeke. He was a great buddy to us for 14 years, remembered for getting himself into a few adventures.

One night he showed up at the front door with a possum in his mouth. The critter was still alive. Zeke found him again two nights later and brought him back. One day he tangled with a raccoon in the back yard - just wanting to play with a new friend, we think.

He loved to swim and go for walks. I shot a lot of video with him. In this one, set to the movie music of "White Fang," my thought was that every dog probably thinks of himself as a heroic protector of his family - if only the people would let him off the leash.

Zeke passed away last Monday. That hurt, but if you've ever thought about getting a pet I'd urge you to do it. The animals need homes (Zeke came from the Humane Society), and you may find a "forever friend."

Zeke could be very patient with silly humans, including this time when I passed him off as a descendant of Albert Einstein's dog "Schmoopie".... 

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