Saturday, July 2, 2016

Video: When your car stops running

(From Twitter:) Waiting for a tow truck on the side of I-69 on my way to present at the HSPA conference. I'll get there yet!

        I'm a veteran of car breakdowns.
       A failed alternator once left me sleeping next to an Ohio gas station off the interstate, waiting for the place to open.
       Near Monteagle, Tennessee, my Chrysler's water pump stopped working. I couldn't understand much of what the mechanic said, but he only charged $40 for the repair, and I could understand that.
       The other day I had the AC compressor replaced in my Nissan Versa, which still runs great at 175,000 miles. That wasn't a breakdown. But driving from my home in Muncie to Indianapolis to speak at a conference, the engine began emitting ominous thumping sounds.
        Every red light on the dash went on - alternator, engine temp, etc. Power steering went out. I'm no mechanic, but the failure of all those systems at once was kind of a clue.
        I was going to speak about mobile video. So naturally, I had to make something to demonstrate video editing on my phone.....

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