Thursday, February 6, 2014

Long walk on a cold night

Hague Road near where the guy was walking. 

Just got home from work. It's zero degrees out, and I felt the cold biting my hands when I  stopped to fill up my car a little while ago.

This was at the gas station at 96th Street and Interstate 69. I got back in and was headed down Hague Road near the office park when I saw him.

There's no sidewalk around there, and no lights. So with the snow piled high along the sides, he was walking in complete darkness right in the road.

I turned around and offered him a ride. He said thanks and was headed to the bus stop by CVS on 82nd Street. It's a three mile walk from where he works at Fry's Electronics north of the gas station.

"What do you do at Fry's?" I said.

"I'm a customer service associate - loss prevention."

"What are people stealing these days?"

"Headphones. People try to steal the headphones."

His car is in the shop, so he walks about an hour each way from the bus stop to work.

He told me his name and said he's planning to go to Ivy Tech to study technology. He wants to finish his bachelor's at IUPUI.

We pulled up to the CVS, where he could wait for the bus. It wasn't coming for almost an hour, but at least he would be warm.

"Thank you, man. Thank you," he said.

"It's alright."

He opened the door and climbed out.

"OK, well good luck," he said.

I told him thanks. I felt pretty damn lucky already, but you can never have too much.

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