Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ball State student wins top columnist award

Former Ball State Daily News writer Derek Wilson has been named the best college newspaper columnist in the country by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, which cited his command of the facts along with “crisp writing and punchy leads.”

The contest drew 110 entries, which were judged by Ben Pollock, the group’s vice president; and John Grogan, a former columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer and author of the book, “Marley & Me.”

“Wilson demonstrates a sharp mind, solid reporting skills, and an ability to assemble meaningful facts to make his point,” Grogan wrote in his judge’s comments.

“He has something to say, which in commentary is half the battle, and he says it well. He does what a good columnist should do: challenges the powers that be. I forgot I was reading the work of a student journalist.”

Wilson was a senior finance and economics double major who graduated this month.

Students from the University of Kansas and Colorado State University placed second and third in the 2010 NSNC Scholarship Contest. The winners were announced in a news release from Russell Frank, NSNC education chair and associate professor of communications at Penn State University.

Pollock said, “Someday, Mr. Wilson is either going to be an honored editorial writer or a millionaire consultant. He can choose good numbers to highlight and can explain them to a general audience.”


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