Friday, April 9, 2010

The Butt-Slap story goes viral

(Bobby Ellis, Ball State Daily News)

Day 1
Public Safety Notice: Assaults near Worthen Arena and Student Health Center
Public Safety Notice
Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2010 10:49 AM
To: MEmergency Broadcast

University Police are reporting two complaints of assault following incidents at approximately 8:00 a.m. this morning, April 7, in the vicinity of Worthen Arena and the Student Health Center. According to Assistant Chief Robert Fey, two women walking in the area reported being slapped on their buttocks by a white male as he rode past them on a bicycle. Fey urged anyone with information about these assaults to contact University Police immediately at 285-1111.

Police Chief Gene Burton also took the opportunity to again stress to all members of the university community that they remain alert to their surroundings at all times and, especially at night or in early morning darkness, refrain from traveling alone. As appropriate, he said, students and others should make use of Ball State’s free shuttle service for convenient and safe transport across campus.

First story
Ball State student, employee report assault by bicyclist (Ball State Daily News online)

UPDATE: Assault victims make note of offender's unique bicycle (Daily News online)

Day Two
(Victims speak out)
Ball State student, employee report assault by bicyclist (Daily News print)

OUR VIEW: Campus battery is nothing to laugh about (Daily News print)

TV picks it up
Cops alert Ball State campus to buttocks slapper (WISH-TV,with video)

School Buttocks-Slapping Incidents Ignite Online Furor (WRTV-TV, with video)

Day 3
The local newspaper
Backside-slapping assault becomes butt of jokes (Muncie Star Press)

University president reacts
President's Perspective: April 9, []
Sent: Friday, April 09, 2010 10:08 AM

President Jo Ann M. Gora
As most of you know, there were assaults on women near Neely Avenue Wednesday morning. Yesterday The Ball State Daily News reminded the campus community that assault is not something to laugh about. I commend the Daily News for its stance. I also appreciate that two victims stepped forward to file police reports. This will allow our university police to pursue a resolution. The police responded appropriately with a public safety notice that asked for the community's help in identifying the perpetrator. The purpose of these notices is to elevate awareness about such incidents on campus and provide official information to mitigate misinformation.

I am disappointed by the reaction of a portion of the student body. The creation of a Facebook page mocking these incidents and inviting similar behavior for fun goes beyond poor judgment. Such mimicking and mocking has the effect of condoning strangers to violate personal space and touch others without warning. It is both insensitive and disrespectful to anyone who has ever been assaulted, including the victims, and to the entire Ball State community. This attempt at humor misses the mark badly and is an embarrassment to the university.

The personal safety of every member of our Ball State community is important. While I believe the incidents on Wednesday were isolated, the only way to ensure that is to work together as a community in a respectful manner.

Gora denounces Facebook group for Ball State butt slapper (Daily News)

Ball State president: Facebook page 'an embarrassment' (WISH-TV Indianapolis)

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